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By mentioning the presence of the name of Allah SWT, Andalas Journal of International Studies (AJIS) is very excited to published Volume 3 No. 2 in 2014. AJIS is a journal that discusses issues related under the umbrella of International Studies with kind of topics ranging from International relations, International education, International politics, International ethics, among so many other emerging issues in today’s world.

As our aim in publishing this journal is to disseminate the results of all International Studies scholars, practitioners, lecturers, and researcher works with various topics and approaches in order to contribute to the development of International Studies both theoretically and practically.

Entering second edition in Volume 3, we express our gratitude to the authors who have been willing to submit papers whether it is the result of research, personal thoughts, as well as the contribution of the thesis students from the Department of International Relations.

In this edition, there are 2 papers presents a title relating to securitization issues, especially in the field of militaristic. Masculin dominacy in military: analysis of cultural construction toward gender in military through war film, written by Putiviola Elian Nasir. Iwan Sulistyo by lifting the theme the response of Indonesia in an effort to counterbalance the development of military power in Southeast Asia during the 1998-2010 period.

In the next paper, Virtuous Setyaka in collaboration with Febrina Mulya elaborated transnational civil society and democratization in Indonesia. Toni Dian Effendi entitled by  the Review of Sister Province between East Java Province-Indonesia and Prefecture Osaka-Japan. And the last, written by Cici Anisa Firmaliza with title strategy and effort undertaken by an anti-trafficking NGO called Apne Aap on addressing human trafficking issue in India

With the biggest gratitude, we would also like to thank the editorial board, who has worked hard in the preparation of these papers, so in the end it can come up to be a printed journal.