Andalas Journal of International Studies

Andalas Journal of International Studies (AJIS)

Andalas Journal of International Studies is a journal for scholars, observers and researchers in international studies in expressing ideas and thoughts related to the dynamics and issues of international relations. The dynamics of contemporary in international relations are increasingly complex. It demands the academic community to provide ideas that are more creative, brilliant and helpful for humanity. From these conditions, this journal comes to participate in scholarly discourse within within the framework of strengthening the scientific community of international relations more solid and dynamic. Andalas Journal of International Studies to carry the ideals of unity not only in the frame of the mainstream, but is also present in the struggle optimism alternatives from the corner of the community in the ideal arrangement for a better understanding in International Studies

Andalas Journal of International Studies (AJIS) is very excited to invite all International Studies scholars, practitioners, lecturers, and researchers to submit their paper for the 2015 edition.

We accept any topic which can be considered under the umbrella of International Studies. We invite topics ranging from International relations, International education, International politics, International ethics, among so many other emerging issues in today’s world.
Here are the guidelines for paper submission:
1.  An original paper that has not been published and is not in consideration to be published
2. The paper can be written in Indonesian or English
3.  4000 – 5000 words
4. Here is the writing system used:
o Title (Specific & Effective, Max. 15 words)
o Name of author (without title), name of institution and email address
o Abstract (150 – 200 words, in English)
o Key words (5 words)
o Research method
o Discussion and analysis
o Conclusion and Recommendation (where necessary)
o Bibliography
5. The Turabian System of Referencing is used (please see Author Guidelines Page for further information)

We hope to hear from you soon. Paper may be submitted to For further information please do not hesitate to email us. Or send a text message to the Secretary for AJIS – Sofia Trisni (

With kind regards – AJIS Team



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